Khaerawüd. The Dark Forest

"One can’t begin to imagine what those woods are hiding."

Death awaits for those who enter


Khaerawüd. The Dark Forest is a horror-fantasy short film that follows the story of a knight-errant in search of a young girl lost in a dark, accursed forest. The project is still in developing process and in search of finance and support.

Written by the Páez Brothers in two different languages,  Gaezani’tan and Khani’tan, both developed for this story, the script has been presented to several Film Festivals. It has been awarded at the Barcelona International Film Festival, and the Jury from the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film & Screenplay Festival stated that:

[…] this tale is very engaging and the dialogue is nicely authentic, yet still understandable. The true horror of the forest is very graphic and detailed, pushing this well away from a standard knight’s quest.

If you’re interested on Khaerawüd. The Dark Forest, please contact us through our official contact form in this same website.


Production manager: Joana Navas

Executive Producer: Marc Martí 

Written by: Eze Páez | Sergi Páez

Directed by: Sergi Páez


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Technical Specifications

Tipe: Short Film

Production Year:


Genre: Horror | Adventure | Fantasy

Aspect Ratio:

Language: Foreign – Subtitled


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